Why All Source Pregnancy?

Our site aims to be a primary source of pregnancy-related information for women – even before they get pregnant. Our method utilizes a wider array of reliable source information which provides women a broader and more comprehensive education about pregnancy. This site also aims to include women’s partners, family members, and health care providers who play important roles in supporting and caring for women during their pregnancies.

The first of its kind.

Launched in November 2020, All Source Pregnancy is a real-time analytical information site that uses current, valid, and reliable source bases to provide the most accurate assessment of pregnancy-related health topics in a constant, ongoing effort.

We believe women should have better access to medical information that could impact their health – right now.

We aim to modernize the availability and presentation of pregnancy-related information to help women more completely understand their changing bodies, their pregnancies, and how to participate in their own medical decisions.

  • We use a broader range of resources.

  • We explain how research is conducted in pregnancy.

  • We provide more background and context to common questions.

  • We set a better foundation for women to understand the significance of what they are reading.

  • We detail how to have risks and benefits discussions with health care providers.

our process

We utilize analytic methods to assist women in finding information on a variety of pregnancy-related topics (we conduct the research). We then compile that information from credible sources, add analytic value to that information (what does it mean and why does it matter), and then present that information in a more concise and meaningful way. Our goal is that women use this material to have an educated conversation with their health care providers about what is best for them and their individual pregnancies.

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